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An annual boiler service will keep you safe and save you money.

A lot of people consider boiler servicing an unnecessary cost. In fact, a study carried out by uSwitch in 2013 revealed that 1 in 10 households (approx. 2 million homes in Great Britain) have never had their boiler serviced. However, if you overlook your annual service, you can actually end up with a boiler that’s hazardous, not reliable and costly to run.

Within a boiler service, we will:

  • Conduct a gas tightness test which will reveal if you have any gas leaks that could constitute a danger to life or property.
  • Test the safety devices on the boiler equipment.
  • Ensure that your boiler appliance is working at the correct pressures and to its highest efficiency.
  • Check there’s no carbon monoxide danger to you or your family.
  • Finally, give your appliances a thorough clean which will make sure they remain in tip top condition.

All Boiler Systems Welcome

we install worcester boilers in doncasterAll existing systems are welcome. We just need to visit and check everything is working and fitted to current codes of practice.

EPS Elite Plumbing Solutions Ltd is fully certified by Gas Safe – which means you can rely upon us with the safety of you and your family. We’ve been providing gas appliance maintenance, including boiler servicing in Doncaster since 2014 and since then the company has built up an incomparable level of satisfied customers.

We always make sure that our engineers are at the forefront of the profession. All of our engineers undergo our rigorous in-house training programme, where they learn all aspects of gas appliance servicing, safety and maintenance. We make sure they are up-to-date with a full product knowledge.

It is recommended practice to have an annual gas boiler service to make certain that boiler remains safe, efficient and well-maintained.


We also offer a gas safety check to ensure you and your families stay safe all year round. This is a legal requirement for anyone who is a Property manager or manages a Housing Association, Local Authority, Hotel, B&B, College, Boarding School or Hostel. If you own or run a Hotel or B&B in Doncaster, you have to organise an annual gas safety check for any gas appliances serving in a guest accommodation even if your guests are not located near to the gas appliance.

Any gas safety check will be carried out by a registered Gas Safe professional who is experienced and has the technical skills to complete the work properly and to a standard that satisfies requirements.

If you require boiler servicing in Doncaster or gas safety check, then please contact us today.

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If you require boiler servicing in Doncaster or gas safety check for your business, then please contact us today for more information and a no oblugation quotation.

Contact  EPS Elite Plumbing Solutions Ltd